How can I enable Applications for specific users?

This article describes how you can enable Applications for specific other users. If you have selected "Enabled for all users" and want the Application to be deployed to all users, this is not needed

For this documentation you need to have admin rights for your tenant in Mailissa. By default the first user to ever use Mailissa will have admin rights.

Open a browser, navigate to and log in with your M356 username and password.

Under "Connectors"  you will see an overview of all connectors that are available for your subscription. Each connector section shows basic information such as

  • the name of the connector

  • the users/groups who are auhorized to use the connector

  • the status of the connector (enabled or disabled)

To enable a connector to other users/groups you have to open the detailed setting by clicking the blue cog button.

If you de-select the option Enabled for all users you will be able to assign this connector to specified M365 users and / or groups in the panel below.